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Vigorelle: natural cream to increase libido and female sexual pleasure

Posted by on Gen 29, 2015 in Cosmetics, Natural remedies | 0 comments

What is Vigorelle? Sometimes your drive for sex can disappear, because you have had kids, or you are going through menopause or another reason altogether. Vigorelle is a premium grade natural lubricant for women that has been created to not only help you recharge your desire for passion, but is also known to aid you in getting the most out of sex with your partner as well. Massaging four of five drops of Vigorelle into your intimate area a few minutes before you get into bed can improve blood flow down there. This is known to make this area more sensitive than before, which can give you a stronger desire for sex. What’s more, this rush of blood might be able to make your time in bed more intense and pleasurable at the same time. On top of all...

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Ultra Hair Away: spray retardant natural hair regrowth

Posted by on Gen 28, 2015 in Cosmetics, Natural remedies | 0 comments

What is ULTRA Hair Away? Let’s face it there are many questions that come to mind when you are looking into a new hair removal product – What is it? What does it do and How can it help you? So what is ULTRA Hair Away? It’s a hair inhibitor spray that stops hair from growing back so quickly between removal treatments. Made from natural plant enzymes this spray is known to saturate your hair follicles and disable the cells responsible for hair growth. After years of biological research this spray has been developed using specific plant enzymes that are known to lessen hair growth. This spray is easy to use and in just one spray gets to work.   How can it help me? If you suffer from unwanted bodily hair or you are just frustrated with how...

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Skinception™: natural cosmetics to improve and heal the skin

Posted by on Gen 27, 2015 in Cosmetics, Natural remedies | 0 comments

In the multi-million pound cosmetics industry, our company is something of a rarity. Skinception™ is a skin care label, which offers products that contain no parabens or synthetics and may help to provide results comparable to what you’d expect from injections or cosmetic surgery, at a fraction of the cost. We know that thousands of people suffer from the unwanted signs of ageing, rosacea, sunspots, scarring, skin blemishes, stretch marks and many more. Having skin that you don’t feel proud of can be embarrassing and depressing, which is why our products have been developed to make you feel better about your skin. Our purpose has been and will always be to offer high quality and safe-to-use skin care products, made with many natural ingredients that won’t cause any damage to your skin. If anything we wish to help reduce...

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Nexus pheromone perfume: for intensify sexual attraction

Posted by on Gen 21, 2015 in Cosmetics, Perfumes, Phéromones | 0 comments

What is Nexus Pheromones? So, what is nexus Pheromones? It is a clear, odourless spray, designed exclusively for men to improve how attractive they are to women on a non-conscious level. You might not be aware of Nexus Pheromones in the UK, seeing as this product was developed in America. However we are bringing this product to you seeing as it has enjoyed success here and we would like to give you the opportunity to take advantage of it. Nexus Man-2-Woman brings together seven human sex pheromone compounds, such as androstenone and epiandrosterone. These are known to smell like attractive qualities such as healthiness and virility to a woman’s subconscious, which can lead to them feeling more comfortable as well as more attracted towards you. Pheromones can be thought of as subtle signals that work outside of our bodies,...

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